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For over 20 years, Gary Schwartz written about, funded and built mobile-first projects and processes. Presently Gary is writing on human-centric design and the Internet of Things.
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The Impulse Economy

Published by Simon & Schuster, Atria Press, The Impulse Economy analyzes the changing roll of the shopper and the shopkeeper. What can a business do to maximize the mobile buying power of a new impulse consumer?
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From Fintech to AdTech, working with ideas and teams to optimize the way companies design content and solutions. How can we best develop products that have reach, frequency and consumer stickiness?
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About Gary Schwartz …

From our CEO breakfast to keynoting to the general assembly, Gary engaged the audience and left us thinking differently about the technology that services our cities and communities.

Dr Kemal Huseinovic

Chief, International Telecommunication Union, United Nations

 Gary perfectly understands and connects technology and companies seeking new channels, advertising approaches, and communication tools. He is an excellent speaker, providing powerful examples of best technology deployments, I highly recommend him.

Anastassia Dr. Lauterbach

Senior Vice President Global Operations, Qualcomm

 From LA, Brussels to Berlin, Gary has delivered targeted talks for HEDNA on customer engagement exploring opportunities and challenges we face as hoteliers. He is the highest rated speaker in the history of the organization.

Rajesh Vohra

President of HEDNA and Sarova Hotels